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Manufacturing Processes

An exterior appearance of a production line and a caulking tool.

Manufacturing ProcessesManufacturing Processes Circular seaming Liner seaming

Needs from our customers

In latter years, the demand for products made with stainless steel is increasing. In order to respond to this, we would like to produce tumble drums for fully automatic washing machines with stainless steel. However, there is a big problem that we expect in implementing this by previously used methods, which involve joining materials by welding: it creates the need for numerous finishing processes after it. We would like to introduce a production line for stainless steel drums without the need of finishing processes.

Enami's development solution

Enami has developed a totally automated production line in order to greatly reduce the number of processes and to ensure uniform product quality. For joining the materials, we have replaced the welding process by freely using caulking technologies, in which we have strength and long experience.

Outline of system specification

Product Materials Drum Front: SUS 0.4 − W0.8t
Wrapper: SUS 0.6 − 0.8t
Drum Back: 0.4 − 0.8t
Product size (Diameter) ?473 - ?562.8mm
Manufacturing Processes Manufacturing Processes
Production cycle time 25 seconds
Footprint and height of the whole equipment (L): 17M x (W): 7M x (H): 3M

Finished product

An automated production line for stainless steel drums Finished product