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ENGINERING  Challenging the limitations of the press process technology with original approaches
NEEDS Technology from and for Everyday Life
ADVANCE Our Consistent Production System meets any Customer Needs
MINDFULNESS Meeting many smiling people through Technology
INTEGRATION Development of Total System Technology through accumulated Know-how
ENAMI SEIKI's future EMANI SEIKI's profile
Company name ENAMI SEIKI Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
Head office 1757 Taira, Maizuru-City, Kyoto 625-0133 Japan
TEL : 0773-68-0301
FAX : 0773-68-0662
E-mail : info@enami.co.jp
Seoul office Tongyang Tres Velle #1021 394-25 Seogyo dong, Mapo gu, Seoul-City, Korea
TEL : +82-02-333-7724
FAX : +82-02-333-7758
E-mail : kimjhgold@hanmail.net
Europe office 11st Leonards Road Horsham West Sussex RH13 6EH UK
Foundation time March 1964
Capital 30,000,000 yen
President Akira Enami
Employees 50 people
Bank Kyoto Bank, Higasimaizuru Branch
Kyotohokuto Shinkin Bank, Higashimaizurutyuoh Branch
Business item ・A study and the method of construction development of the metal plasticity processing method
・Metal joining technology development
・FA system development(Include software development)
・The production of the precision press die
・The production of the press forging device
・The production of various own motives
The History of ENAMI SEIKI
March 1964 Start-up at Yao City, Osaka
July 1972 Developed Cut and Shrink Compound Curling
April 1975
Changed to a joint-stock company, ENAMI SEIKI
Developed Seamer Technology
October 1978
Developed a large Curling Equipment
Moved to a new factory in Wakabayashi, Yao City
Began export of Large Progressive Die Systems to the USA
Began export of Curling Equipment to the USA
August 1984 Awarded Technology Development Prize by the Japanese Forming Process Technology Association for the Production Equipment for Spotless Cans by compound curling
October 1985 Began export of Large Transfer Type Equipment to Korea
August 1986 Completed Automated Can Production Equipment for extractors
August 1987 Completed Automated Can Production Equipment for extractors that hang on the wall.
April 1989 Developed Production Equipment for extractor ducts for industrial use.
January 1990


Completed Production Equipment for house building materials, C channels
Completed the first phase construction of the Maizuru factory and started operation there
Completed Production Equipment for SUS basket for washing machines
April 1991 Completed Process Equipment for outer bodies for PCM washing machines
March 1992 Developed a Multi CNC Bending Machine capable of FA (Exhibited in the first Sheet Metal Process Technology Exhibition)
March 1995 Completed the second phase construction of Maizuru factory
November 1998 Opened office in South Korea.
August 1999

Completed Production Equipment for table frames for outdoor units of air conditioners
Completed Forming Equipment for wavy metal sheets for ice making
March 2001

Completed Instantaneous Switching Production Equipment for multiple kinds of outer bodies of PCM washing machines.
Completed 200 ton Double Clamp Press

March 2002




Opened office in China
Completed Assembly Equipment for outer bodies of tumble dryers
Completed Production Equipment for SUS drums of tumble dryers
Completed Production Equipment for Sirocco fans
December 2003 Completed a Press Line for multiple mixed kinds of products/instantaneously switching
(capable of producing 63 kinds)
June 2004 Completed Production Equipment for outer cases of rice cookers
December 2005 Completed 200 ton High Speed Press Line
September 2006 Opened office in Eastern Japan (Kantoh)
September 2007 Opened office in Europe (UK)
July 2008 Completed a Press Line for multiple mixed kinds of products/instantaneously switching
(capable of producing 1800 kinds)
August 2008 Began export of Forming Equipment for washing machine baskets to the USA
August 2008 Opened office in Central Japan (Chubu)